Lizzy & Brad, Sunshine, Smiles and Campervans

you would think that attending approx 1 wedding per week would harden me somewhat to the emotions that take place in front of my lens.....but NEVER!  I love it and am often knocked sideways by a speech or first kiss etc etc. during liz and brad's register signing a friend surprised the whole congregation by singing candi staton’s you got the was mind blowing,filling every inch of the beautiful church and even making my eyes get a bit sweaty. fortunately I managed to get myself together long enough to capture lizzy’s sisters reaction as the singing began (see below). the whole day was amazing, so different and full of fun! know I love a bit of colour so with blue skies and a pink VW campervan I was in my element. so many to choose from but i managed to narrow it down to 13 images below, but watch the slideshow for the best overview of what was a great, great day (look out for bouncy castles, cheeky ushers, jazz musicians and lizzy’s dad playing double bass with drum sticks.....yes drum sticks). photos by me and music by krissy and the jackdaws...enjoy

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