David & Cristina, Boys Hall Ashford

I get to witness a LOT of first dances but dave and cristina’s has to be my favourite of this year! The sheer volume of their chosen track ( the baz luhrmann moulin rouge version of ‘your song’) and the sheer exuberance of their guests who stormed the dance floor as the song reached its orchestral climax made for an amazing moment...I couldn’t help but join in and jumped right into the thick of the fun grabbing a few shots which hopefully give a guests eye view of the mayhem!  latin weddings are always a lot of fun and cristina’s spanish friends and family didn’t disappoint which only helped to increase the volume and merrymaking of all the british contingient!  so all in all a very passionate, love filled day which even a few rain showers couldn’t dampen (even the one during the outdoor ceremony).  my favourites and a slideshow below. photos by me and music by bright eyes

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