Annie & Andys Big Fab Greek Wedding

My first Greek wedding was a full on day, so a quick explanation. I met Annie at her godparents house and with what seemed like about 100 friends and family, a violin player and 2 videographers squeezed into the front room for the ribbon ceremony and some very loud and happy clappy singing. I then rushed across London where Andy was waiting in the sunshine wearing his vest and Homer Simpson slippers (see slideshow). More squeezing into a living room, more singing and violins plus kids in bow ties and the shaving/dressing of the groom before heading to a nearby Church (keeping up?). After the ceremony the congregation headed to the reception and were joined by a fantastic Greek band and about 400 guests who ate, drank, danced, danced and danced some more before pinning A LOT of money onto the bride and groom! Just a tiny selection below with a slideshow at the by me and music by avalanche city. ENJOY!


  1. What a brilliant day and brilliant photography too... S.Alba

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