Rupal & Lee's WOW Wedding

WOW where to start? firstly a big thanks to rupal and lee for putting their trust in my style and approach instead of choosing a more tried,tested and ‘traditional’indian wedding photographer...i only hope they are as pleased with the results as i am.  such a busy day with 2 ceremonies, 2 bridal preps, 2 pairs of jimmy’s, numerous costume changes and about as much colour and activity as one colour loving candid photographer could handle. it’s also been a long edit to ensure i really did all those colours and costumes justice...but worth every hour!
so here it first indian ceremony and rupal and lee’s special day. a TINY selection of my favourites below with a slideshow at the top (for a change). photos by me and music by a fine frenzy...enjoy (i am off to get some rest!)

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  1. WOW WOW WOW X 100,000,000,000. Matt, you have truly captured the feel of the day. The photos and slideshow are amazing, you have reduced me to tears!! Absolutely stunning job, Matt, we salute you! Thank you so, so much for your time on the day and after the day. We couldn't have asked for more. Big thank you, Rupal & Lee