Angel & Donna's Big Smiley Wedding

I love a challenge and capturing donna's bridal prep was certainly that! donna got ready at her brothers house in the bedroom her 3 nephews share, so most of my shots are taken from the bottom bunk of a bunk bed! it was organised chaos but loads of fun and I think the shot of donna being placed in her dress whilst her girlfriends continue to finish her hair perfectly sums it up! the day was completed by angel who was without doubt the smiliest groom I have ever captured! another great couple and fantastic day..cheers guys! photos by me and music by amy macdonald..enjoy!


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  1. I think you done a great job, the pictures are lovely & yes you are right J (Angel) is one of the smiliest & nicest people you are ever likely to meet!!! Thank you for capturing the day so well. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!