Cornelia & Gero - Love Is All You Need

cornelia and gero are probably the most amazing couple I have ever had the privilege to shoot! and if you can find a photograph in the selection or slideshow below that doesn’t involve one or both of them beaming from ear to ear then you’re not looking properly because they didn’t stop smiling all day/afternoon and night!  as well as the amazing handmade ‘love is all you need’ sign they had erected, cornelia and gero had lots of little cultural quirks involved in their day from their homelands of sweden and bulgaria respectively.  one of these was cornelia’s ‘best woman’ juni escorting her to the top of the aisle where gero was waiting to escort his bride to be to the front of the congregation..and all this beneath a beautiful blue sky. just perfect!  for the portrait shots we found a small clearing in an enchanted forest and cornelia and gero practised the routine to their first dance to my acapella accompaniment whilst the camera captured the results.  to hear which song I attempted to sing listen to and watch the slideshow below. photos by me and music by etta james

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