Lauren & Bobby, Hitchin Priory

a white classic car driving through the cobbled streets of a historic market town spewing bubbles from its rear sounds the stuff of roald dahl novels...but in this instance it was on the occasion of lauren and bobby’s big day. hitchin town centre is a lovely place and said cars short drive from its church to its priory grabbed the attention of all the locals even if there was a hint of rain (and bubbles) in the air. I had a great day; lauren, bobby, their dog jumble and all the guests were great fun...the only slight downside (apart from the rain) was a highly eccentric vicar who seemed to blame me for the bride being a very fashionable 45minutes late and ordered me to go and buy him a banana as he was likely to miss his lunch (strange but true story). My favourites with a slideshow below.  photos by me and music by ellie goulding..enjoy

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