Gillian & Sean, Lauderdale House Highgate Village

Back to North West London and some fabulous autumnal colours for Gillian and Sean's Big Day. As is often the case I arrived a little early and as is also often the case the Bride was running a little behind schedule, so rather than wait around with nothing to point my camera at I joined Gillian at the hair salon, which her bridal party including 3 glamorous flower girls had taken over for the morning. Once nails were dried and curlers (lots and lots of curlers) were removed we headed back to the house for some crazy final prep before I headed to the venue and what proved to be a fantastic relaxed occasion followed by some good old getting on down and probably my favourite 'dance like nobodies looking shot' of all time....see if you can spot it in my selection of favourites and the slideshow at the bottom. Photos by me and music by the Cure...enjoy

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