The Ice Maidens Of Battersea Park

As my quiet period continues time to partake in some more pastimes that the warmer busy months simply do not allow...this time catching up with my photography buddy Gary and his partner Claudia who regularly organises photo shoots for her twitter/facebook groups. Not usually my sort of thing at fact it was the first time I have shot an actual model EVER and although I had a great day give me an emotional, giggly and excitable bride any day of the week! But what did I learn, well unlike us 'norms' models have the ability to look down a lens without pulling a funny face and they NEVER blink...EVER. They are also lovely girls who were willing to brave a very cold day in flimsy dresses and crazy eyelashes to give us photographers something to point our cameras at...thanks ladies. A selection of my favourites below and with 4 weddings coming in December I promise normal service will be resumed shortly

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  1. gorgeous images Matt - was great to meet you and see your style - I am thinking more angles for me in future!