Anna & Phun's Chinese Wedding Spectacular

OK guys, bear with me on this one whilst I explain how Phun and Anna's crazy (in a good way) day unfolded otherwise the slideshow and photos below may become a bit here goes. The day began at Anna's parents. EARLY. Phun arrived with the boys and was forced to perform silly door games and pay his entrance into the house before he could see Anna. Then lots of tea was drank during 2 ceremonies at Anna's then Phun's parents homes. People had some breakfast (still early) and I took some shots of the boys infront of a scrap yard entrance...still with me? We then all headed to the beautiful Beauberry House in Dulwich Village, Anna changed into a western wedding dress and the wedding ceremony took place...keeping up? confetti was thrown, a cake was cut and Anna and Phun went for a walk in the park to take a breather (I tagged along). Then all the guests joined about another 400 additional guests at a huge restaurant, ate lots of lobster and drank lots of brandy and I nearly collapsed after taking photos for over 12 hours. Does that all make sense ?....thought not!
A brilliant day, a brilliant couple and hopefully a set of photos that capture the sheer scale of the favourite shot? has to be Phun's look of pride as his bride approaches over his shoulder (he had looked nervous as hell right up to that point!!!). Photos by me and music by Gomez...enjoy

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