Kim & Paul, Weston Manor Oxfordshire

kim and paul were the perfect bride and groom. lovers of music, fully understanding and trusting of my approach, full of both a great sense of humour and fun and ultimately relaxed and determined to enjoy the happiest day of their lives. when you click with your clients, hopefully the photos reflect that connection and truly capture the essence of the day..its what my job is all about and the reason I love it so much. so here's a small selection of my favourites with a slideshow at the bottom. photos by me and music (as a pre arranged surprise for paul by myself and kim) by the wonderful nick cave. enjoy


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  2. Kim & Paul27 May 2011 at 09:01

    "Soon after we got engaged we started looking at wedding venues and some friends had recently attended their brothers wedding at one of the venues that was on our list, so they got out their laptop and said we'll show you a photo montage the photographer put together so you can see what the venue is really soon as I saw the photo's I wasn't bothered about the venue, instead the first words that came out of my mouth were 'Who did their photography?'
    I instantly knew that Matt's style was exactly what I wanted for our wedding much so that Matt (Without knowing) played a unique part in the actual date we booked our wedding because it had to be one of the dates Matt was available!
    We will be forever grateful to Matt for his amazing photographs, he is absolutely true to his word and captures the real emotion and memories of the day. To me, Matt's photo's tell a story from start to finish and when you see the photo's you'll see your wedding day from a whole new perspective.
    We were adamant that we didn't want to be dragged from pillar to post all day and night having photo's taken and this fitted perfectly with Matt's natural approach, non-intrusiveness and style.
    Matt took us off on our own for a short period of time to get a few photo's and to also give us a breather and actually spend some time together and reflect on the fact that we'd just got married which is a really nice touch. The time we did spend with Matt was really relaxed, calm and enjoyable, he truly is such a pleasure to be around, it felt so easy and effortless (Although probably not on Matt's part!)
    The remainder of the time Matt was merrily clicking away and capturing the true memories that we'll treasure forever.
    Matt's professionalism and friendly approach really did play a big part in our day, so much so that it felt as though Matt was a guest at our wedding rather than the really wouldn't even know he was there.
    Pictures really do tell a thousand words and this couldn't be any more true when looking at the fantastic images of Matt's work. So many people have made so many nice comments on Matt's exceptional photos and style and they have even brought a few of them to tears.
    We both wish Matt all the best for the future, he deserves it!
    Kim & Paul Fowler"