Laura & Dave, Croydon's Hidden Gems

think of croydon and you don't think of manicured gardens and grand churches, but I can assure you that all of the below took place within the boundaries of that very town! honest. laura and dave booked me well in advance and being a budding photographer herself laura had been keeping a close eye on my blog (I hope she likes me new 'pimped' up version!!!) and it is always so enjoyable when you are trusted to get on with capturing any big day 'as it happens' and that's exactly what they both did and hopefully the results show what a great day it was. look out for laura's canadian cousin elizabeth and aunt barb who both got into daves families geordie spirit by both donning newcastle footy kits complete with names and ages across the back...hilarious! photos by me and music by jason mraz...... h'way!!!

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  1. Elizabeth Bryk31 May 2011 at 19:23

    laughed, cried, then peed my pants; beautiful!! I think of memory as a mosaic of life's moments and I want to thank you Matt for giving me a beautiful, perfect,evocative piece for my mosaic. And Laura and Dave--beautiful; every aspect of beautiful.