Tafflyn and Danny, Sopwell House St Albans

during their preparation a bride may use many different techniques to keep calm and relaxed: drinking champagne is the most favoured approach, but tafflyn chose to get jiggy and become the fourth member of destiny's child (see below). sopwell house is a beautiful venue with fantastic grounds allowing tafflyn and danny to conduct their ceremony outside under blue skies and a blazing sun which forced some follically challenged guests to take emergency measures (see below) whilst I, as per usual, just got burnt! another great day full of fun, laughter and loadsa man hugs...just the way it should be. some of my faves below with a slideshow to enjoy. photos by me and music by amy macdonald.

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  1. Of course she chose to get jiggy! Taff - you looked fab. Wish we could have been there. xxxx