Alex & Charlie, The Wasing Park estate

If i get the chance to spend some time with both the bridal and grooms parties before the wedding then a few truths become apparent: the girls will take an age pampering themselves surrounded by champagne, hairspray, hair rollers and girls aloud albums whilst the boys will take,at tops, 10 minutes before checking their reflections in a dirty window.
charlie is a very talented wedding makeup artist and you will probably guess from the pictures that alex serves in the army which added a real officer and a gentleman feel to the day.. although his bestman’s chosen retro outfit did add a slight dads army twist to proceedings (his words not mine). seriously though it was one of the most romantic weddings I have ever shot and even a bit of rain couldn’t dampen the spirits. here’s a selection of my faves with a slideshow at the bottom. photos by me and music by mumm-ra

Untitled from matt parry on Vimeo.

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